Teenager operated in two hospitals simultaneously

The student was subjected to innovative cancer therapy, which involves the removal and treatment of the foot in another hospital.Matthew Willie, who is now 15, was warned that he could lose his leg fully, when he was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer.But the surgeons were able to remove 30 cm piece of bone from his leg to radiotherapy treatment in another hospital, then return back bone, while Matthew was still on the operating table.The teenager was able to leave the hospital after 10 days and is currently recovering at home.Before surgery Matthew told his mother: "It might take my leg, but it will not deprive me of life."Matthew was treated at the Royal orthopaedic hospital in Birmingham and within a 10-hour operation, a fragment of his tibia was removed and taken to a nearby Hospital Queen Elizabeth for treatment.His father William recalls: "We felt relief, because the first thought that he would lose the leg."Dr. Simone Wilkins, consultant Matthew in the General hospital Leeds, said: "In the case of Matthew, surgeons used their bones, which managed to keep with a technique that helps to preteenie the last few years to avoid amputation ".

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