Tears do not facilitate health

If a person is grieving, it is often advised to cry, according to popular opinion it will make it easier for his health. However, Scientists from the University of South Florida found that tears did not change the mood of two thirds of the women in the test group.

Actually crying not easier state of mind, as I used to think many. In the study, scientists observed the mood 97 Dutch women aged from 18 to 48 years, registering three months in total 1004 episode of crying. Tears did not change the mood of 61% women, 9 percent reported that they began to feel even more depressed and 30 they became a little better.

The study's lead author Jonathan Rottenberg suspects tears themselves as a fact of moisture from the glands may not feel better, they help only when women feel support and comfort.

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The average period of the female tears lasts eight minutes, most often women crying in the living room. The main cause tears are domestic conflicts, loss or feelings for other people's suffering.

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