Teach your baby to eat

One of the most important stages in the life of a baby is getting the skill to eat independently. But to learn it is not as easy as we would like. To eat independently, the baby will take months of hard training.

It is therefore very important factor is to accustom the child to independence. Teaching your child to eat independently, it is best to start with one year of age, as you will be able to play on the desire of the child to explore the world. If you have missed this point, the child will think, what to feed him with a spoon it is your duty.

Where better to start?

To get started, choose the dishes for a child. It should not be glass, and plastic. They are very light and comfortable and will not be broken if the baby does not like to impose your independence. Another advantage of such utensils, the possibility of heating food in a microwave oven. And, in the end, your child will not burn the plastic spoon, unlike metal.

Choosing dishes, pay attention to the color that will appeal to your baby. In addition, do invest in quality cookware that is not economical for the health of their child.

Next you need a place for eating. You should not forget that more than half of the food for the baby will be poured on the floor or on the clothes of the child. To arrange a children's highchair need on the bare floor, and not on the carpet, because otherwise it will be damaged. And you need a bib and oilcloth.

Let's start learning

Teach your child need on your example, it will be for you to imitate. Therefore, as often as you can put the baby at the table next to him, so he will be watching you and remember what's what.

To start teaching your toddler the independence you want with the simple things. Give him cookies or fruit, which can be easily placed in your hand, and then begin to give him porridge or mashed potatoes.

Do not be angry with your baby, if almost all of the food was on the floor, he, after trying so hard. Praise him for his efforts, as often as possible.

Be patient, it's not an easy process. You understand that spoon, that's Cutlery, and the child sees a toy or even a musical instrument. If your child is more passionate about the game than just eating, take the initiative.

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