Teach the child to roll over

Your baby rapidly grows. He already knows a lot of new movements, acquires its own habits and manners, expresses his opinion, shows character. Every day he has to learn something new, and, of course, in these undertakings the principal assistant to becoming a mother.

At the age of six months, the child must learn to roll over. Usually, at this age, many processes depend on the core traits of the baby. If fidgets often independently mastered the technique of rolling, quiet kids, sometimes, need tips and caring parents. Do not forget that every child develops at an individual script written for him personally and for anybody more. Some babies roll in the cradle and in three months, and others in the seven special desire to motor activity does not occur. Than a child healthier and stronger, more interesting and more difficult its movement.

Whatever the pace of development of the baby, young mothers will not hurt to answer the question of how to teach a child to turn over. Remember, the child's energy is much greater than in adults. Most importantly, time to find where you enable battery the Energizer. Many mothers are afraid to do baby massage and perform simple gymnastic exercises. And it is in vain! Even if at first the process will go hard in the end will be happy and the parents and their baby. There is nothing wrong with that mom will help the child to learn the movements that are necessary for development. Because the baby in the first year of life learns so many new things: learning to hold his head, roll over, then crawl, walk.

To begin learning about turn from back to stomach is when the baby is confidently holding his head lying on his back, lifted his knees to his stomach, or relying on the forearm lies on his tummy. When the child reaches the month, it is safe to leave to lie on his tummy. So you have him or her perseverance and effort. In four to six months, you may have to perform specific exercises. Young mothers and fathers, first of all, we should understand that in order for the child to teach them something, it must, first of all, be of interest to you.

The baby can be laid on your back and try to inspire rattle or in any other way. However the most interesting action should develop on the side. Thus, it is possible to determine whether a child attempts to turn over. It so happens that you only need a little help in his attempts.

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There is a simple exercise, performed on a regular basis which will help teach your baby to roll over. The child should be placed at the back. Continue to pass through the stomach with one leg over the other so that his knees touched the bed. Briefly leg in this position should hold. The baby is not very convenient, and he will try to turn over. To help him is not necessary, the child must remember the voltage which muscles you need when turning. After the kid will turn over, you need to leave it in this position, then mom or dad to help him pull the handle. This exercise should be repeated many times until the baby can't roll over on their own, relying on his hands. It is important to ensure that the baby does not feel tired during class. In each training session must be gaming Department. Soon, if everything is done correctly, your child will perform flips confidently and with a smile.

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