Tea with bergamot reduces the risk of heart disease

Scientists believe that tea with bergamot has a positive effect on the heart. Daily consumption of this drink allows you to control the development of heart disease, lower cholesterol, writes Zenn News.

The main secret is a natural extract of bergamot. It is known that this plant reduces the level of harmful cholesterol, heals the heart and blood vessels. The extract gives the tea a delicate taste and fragrance, nourishes it with enzymes hydroski-methylglutaryl-flavones.

The enzymes destroy the proteins responsible for cardiac pathology. Scientists believe that the supplements with this enzyme have the same efficiency as the statins, traditional medicines for high cholesterol. Unlike statins, bergamot extract has no side effects.

Note that previously, scientists have proven the usefulness of tea in the prevention of prostate cancer. To reduce the likelihood of development of this disease by one third need to drink more than five cups of drinks per day

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