Tea and coffee reduce the risk of death by 15% - the scientists

Scientists from Japan in the framework of recent studies have established that people who regularly drink tea or coffee, have a 15% reduced risk of death in elderly and middle age.

The study involved 90,000 people. The age group ranged from 40 to 69 years. Participants responded to the questionnaire. Next, the researchers monitored the mortality and correlated this information with the diet.

It turned out that 1-2 cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of death by 15%. 3-4 cups a day, according to scientists, are even better. Similar properties of natural green tea.

Doctors advise not to forget about these drinks. Wary of coffee and tea you need to treat people with hypertension, caffeine increases blood pressure and leads to narrowing of the vessel walls.

"The mechanism of the positive effects of coffee and green tea on the body while not fully understood, but most likely, the main issue here is the caffeine in both drinks" - commented the results of the study Professor, University of Tokyo Manami Inoue.

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