Tax of £ 200 will be required to pay foreign tourists in the UK

The UK government will force the medical field workers to check the status of foreign citizens who apply to them for help, writes The Telegraph. Prior to that, he mentioned that health workers will not act as so-called "border control" in front of patients. As it became known from printed government documents, doctors will act as a court, which decides how to deal with needy foreign citizen: to provide him with medical assistance paid or not.

Also under this law, it became known that foreign nationals who are applying for a visa for the term of six months or more will be required to pay tax on the treatment, according to The Telegraph. Citizens residing in the UK for less than six months must also pay a certain amount. This innovation the UK authorities decided to enter into force, that the doctors were easier to compensate for the cost of tales of medical services for people who are citizens of the UK.

With all the above, it was noted that if there is an unexpected situation, it will help everyone without exception. At the moment foreign citizens for medical care does not pay.

Earlier, the Minister of health of Britain D. hunt noted that this innovation will in no way affect the quality of services provided in hospitals.

The Minister suggests that the inclusion of the share of foreign citizens in the development of medicine in the United Kingdom is the right solution. Recall that the average medical service of the British family per year is five thousand pounds. Also the authorities were told that all payments will be made strictly and fair system. As it turned out, for the period of the last year on the treatment of foreigners spent $ 33 million pounds.

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As the government notes, the tax system will allow the country to fight "medical tourism". Foreign nationals will have to pay tax of £ 200 per case needs medical care doctors in the UK.

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