Tattoos have harmful effects on the human body

Scientists have concerns about the indiscriminate fashion tattoo. The fact that the trace elements contained in the ink composition can accumulate in the tissues of the body and cause various pathologies.

British scientists warned that a large amount of toxins contained in the ink for tattoos, cause the development of cancer and other diseases. Once in the bloodstream, they enter the liver, where deposited, having a toxic effect. For this reason, reduced functional activity of the liver, the function of which is the efficient removal of harmful substances, toxins. It is proved that certain types of ink contain carcinogens. You must carefully choose the material for tattoos and tattoo parlor. Important as the masters qualification, and availability of medical certificates.

The author of this study, Desmond Tobin, conducted an investigation and found that at the moment there are no laws that restrict the use of harmful toxic substances for the production of tattoo inks. Everything remains on the conscience of the cabin, his honesty and concern for the health of the client. It turned out that certain brands red ink may contain mercury. In blue and green ink was discovered cobalt. These metals have a high degree of toxicity and are an additional factor in the development of cancer. In addition, is an additional burden on the liver, which tries to eliminate heavy metals from the body.

Another study, conducted by researchers from Copenhagen, suggests that carcinogenic substances are contained in more than half of the ink samples taken for research. Jörgen Serape, the author of the study urges the governments of all countries to the introduction of a law banning the use of toxic chemicals and carcinogens in the production of ink for tattoos.

It is worth noting that two years earlier in America in the ink was found benzopyrene. This connection has passed a series of tests, and found that it is often the cause of skin cancer.

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