Tattoos can cause cancer

The tattooing is a fashion trend among celebrities, tech, and among ordinary people. Tattoos flaunt Christina Aguilera, Jake Gyllenhaal, Angelina Jolie football star David Beckham.

However, recent studies Control for quality control of food and drug administration found that in inks for tattoos contains many complex substances, including phthalates, metals, carcinogenic and harmful to the endocrine system properties.

For black ink, for example, is used benzopyrene, which, as you know, when testing on animals has caused skin cancer. Color as ink contain lead, cadmium, titanium, Nickel, chromium and other heavy metals that cause disease and allergies.

Some industrial dyes are also suitable for use in printers and automotive paints. Management of quality control food and drug administration began investigating the long term impact inks for tattoos on the human body to determine how deeply they pressed her into the body, and disappears if their harmful effect.

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