Taste buds are updated every 10 days - the scientists

There are no serious pathologies associated with direct violation of touch, hearing, sight or taste. Usually the loss of one of the senses - a violation of conductivity of certain nerve pathways. This is the conclusion reached by scientists from the University of Virginia. They are part of the most recent studies have been able to answer some questions. Associated with the operation of the human senses. Data provided by Zee News.

Describe the taste - a very difficult task. Taste consists not only of the sensations of taste receptors in shaping it participates texture and smell of the object. The feeling is determined by the number and variety of taste buds with the receptor.

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It is known that neurons do not regenerate. Therefore, there are degenerative changes in the brain, such as dementia. As olfactory and gustatory receptors are constantly updated. Scientists have calculated and established that taste cells are updated every 10 days. Note, the number of processes can permanently kill the receptors of taste and smell.

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