Tasmanian sea snail will help you to conquer the herpes

Scientists have found on the coasts of Tasmania snails, which can be used for medicinal purposes. The serum contained in their bodies, copes with the herpes virus. Data were able to confirm the Australian scientists who conducted the study of the action of serum on the affected cells.

Scientists from Australia have established that a protein found in the bodies of Tasmanian snails, active against herpes virus. The discovery was made accidentally in the study of this organism in the treatment of cancer.

It all started with the history of port truck snails. He noticed that after a couple of months on the new job he had disappeared warts on the hands, the reason for which the herpes virus.

Today, scientists continue research. It is not clear in what form will be on sale medication protein-based Tasmanian snails and will there be a cure in the light.

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