Tartar - causes, what is dangerous and how to remove

Many of us mistakenly believe the stones on the teeth only unpleasant cosmetic defect, but it's not that easy. The stones not only make the teeth look unsightly, but also contribute to such trouble, as carious disease. About the beginning of the formation of rocky density evidenced by the appearance of the teeth dark hours. This problem will not be solved by using abrasive toothpastes with whitening agents. Stony deposits not difficultly enough cleaned off with a toothbrush. Tartar can hit and false teeth, and crowns made of different material.

The cause of education:

- improper cleaning of teeth and lack of hygiene of an oral cavity;

- unilateral chewing food;

the deposition of soot from smoke smokers;

- changes in the composition of saliva, as a result of metabolic disorders;

- endocrine diseases (inflammation of the thyroid gland, diabetes mellitus);

- genetic predisposition.

The formation of stone

The plaque is formed from the remnants of food that were not timely removed by saliva. Education "mixes" promotes calcium secreted by salivary glands. Bacteria present in the mouth, hold water, which contributes to hardening of the finished conversation.


The first layer of Tartar can form within two weeks, then it is imposed more and more layers. If you do not take action, the stone will begin to take root in the gum". Clean the plaque from under the root is impossible.

Stone plaque completely covers the tooth enamel and inhibits bacteria on the tooth surface. This can lead to inflammation of the root of the holes of the teeth and to the beginning of the inflammation in the gums. Thus, caries can turn into inflammation of the tooth roots, which is called the medical term periodontitis.

People are not able to thoroughly chew food, which eventually leads to the emergence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. And there is not far off the exhaustion and anemia. Overall health will continue to deteriorate and the body will be surrounded by new diseases.

Methods of removing plaque

Dentists practicing several effective methods of removing plaque:

1. Mechanical removal

Cleaning interdental spaces is special hooks. This method does not cope with the basal sediments. The procedure to date has rarely been used, it is unpleasant and even painful.

2. Chemical treatment

This method is used to prepare the tooth surface for mechanical cleaning. It is ineffective, so it is used in rare cases.

3. Removal of dental stones using ultrasonic waves

This method ensures complete cleaning of the surface of the teeth, do not remain without attention of even the most inaccessible areas. The effect of ultrasound does not damage tooth enamel and eliminates bacteria of the oral cavity.

4. Laser removal

This expensive method is one of the advanced areas of modern dentistry. The impact of laser beams effectively removes plaque, kills bacteria and whiten the teeth without destroying the top layer of enamel.

See your dentist twice a year will help to prevent serious diseases of the mouth and keep for many years the radiance of your smile.

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