Tanusree tables - simulators for the lazy

Tanusree tables long won popularity among the population of Europe. Tanusree tables is the number of simulators, each of which consists of two parts. One part is stationary, it is the backbone of the body, the second, movable, driven by a motor. In addition, tosny table has a frequency controller, which allows you to set the desired workout.

The simulator works in such a way that the back is fixed in the static part of the simulator and the dynamic part of the simulator produces a repetitive motion. During practice at tonusa the table body is not exposed to any hazardous loads on the spine, the entire burden falls on any muscle group. With recurring smooth and purposeful movements can reduce cellulite, burn fat, strengthen your muscles and remove slag.

Using the table you can specify the direction of motion and to perform the most difficult exercises. Movements performed on tonusnykh tables are more uniformity and intensity than simply perform active movements. Actually tanusree tables work for you, because smoothly repetitive movements working out all muscle groups. There is an increase of blood circulation and lymph circulation, and this contributes to the fact that toxins and slags.

Tanusree tables are essential equipment for people who don't like intense workouts in the gym, but want to have a slim figure.

Advantages tonusnykh tables undeniable, as they can engage people of all ages and skill levels. Classes on tonusnykh tables is particularly indicated for those who have low back pain, who are prone to diseases of the cardiovascular system who have varicose veins who suffer from shortness of breath, and may not engage in any other sport.

Tanusree tables used to be called a apparatus for passive training, they were initially designed for the rehabilitation of patients with musculoskeletal diseases. Today they are forming, and struggle with being overweight. It is known that seven-hour workout in the gym is worth one hour of practice at tonusa the table.

If you practice regularly, you can reduce weight, remove cellulite, improve muscle elasticity and overall tone of the body, to get rid of chronic fatigue and relieve stress. While your participation in this process is reduced to zero, because you work tosny table.

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