Tanning is addictive akin to alcohol dependence

Researchers from Northeastern University of Texas discovered that the sun causes in the brain response to reward and addiction prone to reactions from fans of cigarettes and alcohol. This is why many people continue to visit the Solarium, even with an increased risk of developing melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

Experiment participants visited two different modifications of the Solarium once it was the usual tan, another time all the UV rays were blocked. After each session, they answered questions about his feelings, was also scanned the activity of their brain.

Brain activity and the corresponding blood flow were similar behavior of the brains of people addicted to alcohol or nicotine. Although the use of tanning beds and has for effect, but people just don't realize that every addiction is bad.

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Study author Dr. Brion of Adinoff notes that the reason for developing such dependencies yet doctors are not clear.

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