Tanning improves the mood of women scientists

The popularity of tanning salons in recent times has been steadily increasing. Not apprehensive of women and the threat of an increased risk of developing skin cancer. A study conducted by staff of the University of North Carolina, proves that the main purpose of visiting the Solarium is not tan, and improve mood and combat stress, writes The Daily Mail.

In the course of the study were interviewed 706 women aged 18-25 years. Scholars interested in the frequency and purpose of visits to the Solarium. As the main purpose most indicated an improvement in their appearance. However, this factor consistently associated with improved mood and decreased stress levels, according to Dr. Seth youth aliyah institutions. Solarium really has a positive effect on the psychological state of women.

According to the survey, 45% had used a Solarium, a third of respondents had visited him last year. Most of the attendees started to use this method of getting a tan even in adolescence. Doctors warn: solar radiation in a large number of negative effects on the skin, increasing the risk of cancer. It is proved that frequent the tanning 1.75 times more prone to melanoma.

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