Tanning doubles the risk of skin cancer

As found by scientists from the UK, lovers sunbathe in the Solarium is very much run the risk of getting skin cancer, writes Daily Mail. The results of the British scientists study published in the British journal of dermatology.

During the study, the researchers conducted an analysis of radiation over 400 sun decks, located throughout the country. In addition, they analyzed the risk of developing skin cancer when using a Solarium, and also compared its radiation natural radiation of the Sun.

The results are very disappointing. As it turned out, the risk of skin cancer after a 10-minute indoor tanning 2 times higher than the sun during a similar time on the Mediterranean coast in the afternoon.

As stated by the author studies Harry Moseley, existing powerful lamps with ultraviolet radiation, coupled with the reluctance of manufacturers to adjust their security, put people before even more serious problem than expected by scientists.

In some countries, such as France, Finland, Germany, as well as in some States there is a law according to which persons under the age of 18 to use tanning beds is prohibited. In Russia, however, such laws do not exist.

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