Tanned skin without the sun: tanning, bronzers ...

In our days the fashion for the sun is no longer so popular - a lot written and said about the dangers of ultraviolet radiation and its defining role in the aging process of the skin. Sunbathe like Americans, Europeans and Russians. In Asia, people tend to preserve the whiteness of the skin, hiding her from the sun.

To tan or not is up to you. Bask in the sun or in a Solarium is also a matter of personal preference. For those who want quickly, without harm to health and is guaranteed to get tanned beautiful skin, there are many tools that can be divided into four classes: tanning, bronzers, tan enhancers and drugs for oral administration.

Tanning, of course, are the most popular means to change the color of the skin. Their action is due to the presence in the composition of dihydroxyacetone, powder from beet or cane. The smell of tanning is invoked exactly dihydroxyacetone - it's not solved by any perfumes or perfume composition. This substance is a short time only in the upper layers of the skin, without penetrating into the blood and other organs. Tanning require constant updates, but there is quality, it is safe for health.

Modern cosmetic industry offers a great selection of tanning with nourishing and moisturizing additives that protect the skin, improving its appearance and structure.

Especially popular tanning, which give not instantaneous, but gradual effect of dyeing leather. The tone is smooth, without streaks and spots.

Buying a tan, consider the natural color of the skin bronzer for dark skin is not suited to owners of porcelain white skin, and the means for light-skinned will not suit those who wish to obtain a dense saturated color. If tan applied unevenly, you can try to remove the excess solution of soda or lemon juice.

Applied to the body bronzer helps to visually make a more graceful silhouette. Tan - a simple and effective way to change the skin tone, without subjecting it to unnecessary risk.

The bronzers do not change the color of the pigments responsible for skin tone. They just paint it the desired color. The main disadvantage of bronzant - it can stain clothes and linens, as well as a very short-lived. Basically bronzers use in salons. No need to wait for property funds will manifest themselves on the skin - the skin is chocolate immediately after the procedure. Apply bronzant as gently and smoothly at home is unlikely to succeed.

What are the amps tan?

Amplifiers tan applied on already tanned skin, contributing to enhanced production of melanin. Often there tyrosine, belonging to the class of amino acids. This substance is banned in some European countries and in the United States. You should be extra careful when deciding to enhance tan by using such chemicals.

The preparations generally do not require bake in the sun or something to reach for. Pigment canthaxanthin contained in these tablets will change the colour of the skin, working from the inside, not outside.

Main dangers of those who abuse pigment makeup tanning from the inside - vision, because canthaxanthin accumulates in the tissues of the eye.

There are "injection tan". Lovers bronze skin inject Melanotan, artificially synthesized hormones, interfere with the natural process of melanin synthesis. Injections allow you to quickly "tan", but about the potential harm of Melanotan health are still not fully understood, so everyone who uses this method to sunbathe, great risk.

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