Tan will help to open new tool against pain

Dr. Sicken McMahon from king's College in London opened CXCL5 protein, which is responsible for tanning of the skin and plays a key role in inflammatory processes. Its opening will help to develop new pain medication with fewer side effects than current analgesics.

Modern pain medications does not always bring full relief, in addition prolonged use of such drugs can lead to side effects.

Dr. McMahon believes that the solution to the problem of finding a new anesthetic should participate nicotine and chemokines, mini-proteins of the immune system that regulate the immune response to infection and injury, in particular, are involved in wound healing and inflammatory processes.

Experiments on laboratory mice showed that after irradiation with ultraviolet rays is most involved were CXCL5 gene. Just in the process of painful inflammation was attended by more than 90 proteins. Hypersensitivity when the sun burns accompanied by an increase in inflammatory proteins blood cells in skin tissue, and CXCL5 is responsible for the regulation and struggling with burns.

The researchers hope that their discovery in the development of new analgesics will help people, because in the Western world one fifth of the population suffers from chronic inflammatory pain.

Scientists at the moment are in search of chemokines, which are mediators of pain, blockage, which will reduce pain.

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