Tan gives women the health and longevity

Researchers from Sweden suggest that women often sunbathe. Only need to sunbathe during certain hours. According to the latest data, the exposure to the sun prolongs women's lives.

The research team examined the health status of 30,000 women from Sweden. The age of the subjects ranged between 25 and 64 years. Volunteers answered to the questionnaire, talking to scientists about their health, bad habits and time spent in the sun. The study took as much as 20 years.

Girl sunbathing on average, lived 1-2 years more women who prefer to protect themselves from exposure to solar radiation. The sun, as it turns out, has a positive impact on the cardiovascular system.

Note that in Sweden, Sunny days in a year not so much. In other countries the situation may be quite the opposite. While experts advise to sunbathe in the morning and evening hours. During the day the sun is at maximum activity. Skin damage contributes to the development of tumors and burns.

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