Tall people are more likely to have cancer

Edition of USA Today in one of the articles says that recent studies have shown that high growth is associated with risk of cancer. Growth begins with infancy and is associated with several factors: diet, genes, the influence of the environment.

University Yeshiva conducted additional research on the impact of growth on various diseases. The data were analyzed 21000 women aged 50 to 79 years who suffered from invasive cancers.

In the end it turned out that some of the factors that affect growth, may also affect the development of cancer. This fact is caused by the fact that high of people the size of internal organs and the number of cells is greater, which increases the risk of mutations, resulting in increased likelihood of cancer.

The results for every 10 centimeters of growth, increases the risk of disease:

is melanoma, breast cancer, paired female reproductive glands, colon and endometrium - 13-17%

- kidneys, thyroid, blood and rectum - 23-29%.

However, the high growth and positive properties. At those low percentage of strokes and heart disease.

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The population started to increase since the 19th century, what was the result of improving the quality of life, particularly food and hygiene started to come to the fore.

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