Talking about men and women from psychologists?

The truth about what they say men and women in a time when left alone with family therapists, the researchers found.

Men, as always, interested in only one question. Even on the verge of the break with his half, and by appointment to a family psychologist, men are trying to achieve from a specialist answer just one interesting question is how to make that their life is not diminished, but rather increased sex after divorce.

Women want to save a drowning family boat and is ready to discuss all issues and find possible solutions to them. Similar conclusions presented in the report, which was commissioned by the organization that provides psychological and social support for men Men's Health Forum. This report contains numerous data, which were obtained by the psychologists of this organization during their conversations with couples.

In addition, it turns out that men long to notice that their family is on the verge of collapse, and refer to family psychologist at the very last stage of the disorder in the relationship. For many men, seeking psychological help is a sign of weakness, and so they are diligent delay time.

During these sessions, women want to get a full understanding with their spouses. For them this consultation is an opportunity to revise and rethink the conjugal partnership, to know, what are its strengths and weaknesses, to save the marriage. Men to the family consultation approach with greater practicality. They are trying to learn what to do to improve your sex life.

In addition, women it is important to understand how their family was on the verge of collapse, while men only need quick recipes for a way out of the situation. Another observed fact that survivors of divorce men rarely turn to friends for support, and become prone to suicide.

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