Taking oral contraceptives women prefer less masculine men

Swiss researchers from the University of Lausanne found that those women who take oral contraceptives, choose as their partners less masculine men than those of the fair sex, who are not protected at all.

As it turned out, masculine facial features, powerful biceps and an eight-pack, square jaw - all this attracts not all women. Thus, if a woman takes oral contraceptive pills, she wants to see next to an effeminate man, whose image in her subconscious is associated with stability and reliability. They think that macho will confirm their masculine status multiple trips "to the left", while not as manly and attractive representatives of the stronger sex will be more correct.

Scientists still it is not clear why the administration of oral contraceptives is associated with a similar choice of women, because if a woman is protected, so she did not want a child from such men. But, despite this, the experiment found that the stronger are those couples in which the woman takes oral contraceptives, and men less masculine appearance.

According to the study's author, Dr. evolutionary biology Claus Vedekind, it is difficult to understand why this happens. Maybe the acceptance of contraception by women makes them "want" more stable and faithful men. In addition, it might be the composition of the tablets affect their choice. Conducted previously, other studies have found that women prefer more masculine men during the fertile time of the menstrual cycle.

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