Taking antibiotics for colds - when?

The cold might have to wait at every step. A disease of our body is affected by weather conditions, weakened body, weak immune status. No one is immune from colds. But remember that self't have to do it. It is better to address to the doctor, because the cold is different. In one case it is possible and even necessary to take antibiotics, but otherwise absolutely can not, they can hurt even more and even lead to death. Because antibiotics are also different, some are very strong components that need to be taken with caution.

Usually the doctor prescribes antibiotics for colds the first three to five days, but if there is no improvement, then he has to write them. But only with careful examination of the patient, as antibiotics, like other drugs, there are side effects. Our body is designed so that the immune system is fighting with viral antibodies. And if the temperature is small, the antibiotics should not be started. Mostly when cold you can do without them, for example, just drink a preventive medicine against colds. But if You have a high fever, runny nose, cough, sore throat, there should be antibacterial(antibiotic), he began to fight the bacteria that You have in the body.

Antibiotics for colds cannot stop taking immediately as he felt better. They need to take two, three days, in order to avoid repeated colds, which can lead to complications. And complications can be there, where most weakened body. If You have kidney problems, the virus here can settle. Indeed, it may happen that not all bacteria in the body have been destroyed and remained the most persistent, which can be used to this type of antibiotic and later he will stop You, to help.

Also for colds and the reception of antibiotics it is necessary to use vitamins because the body is completely relaxed and his lack of them now in the right quantity. And after taking antibiotics for a while, too, need to find a course of vitamins for full recovery of the organism.

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Always remember that there are easier antibiotics, and there are strong, which are issued on prescription.

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