Tablets with ginseng as a treatment for impotence

Scientists from South Korea have proven that ginseng, which is used by the Chinese since ancient times, is actually an excellent remedy for impotence. The data from this study were published in the International journal of Impotence Research, reports the Daily Mail newspaper.

In the experiment, organized by scientists from the medical College of Yonsei University in Seoul, took part 119 men, identified as erectile dysfunction. They were divided into two groups, one of which had been prescribed pills with extract of ginseng berries and the second placebo.

After 2 months in those patients who took ginseng drug, it was observed an improvement of erectile function. This effect was achieved by ginsenosides, steroid glycosides, which contains only ginseng.

By far the most common treatment for such problems is Viagra and similar drugs. However, almost 30% of men who take these drugs, noticeable improvements do not feel. According to scientists, tablets with ginseng will be for men an alternative treatment of impotence.

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