Tablets will simplify a diagnosis of autism in children – scientists

Games on tablets will allow doctors to more quickly diagnose children with autism. According to scientists from the University of Strahclyde. This method is simple and effective. It have already tested on 37 children with autism ages 3-6 years. The children were asked to play games on the tablet with built-in motion sensors, says Deccan Chronicle.

Scientists drew attention to the movement disorders characteristic of young children with autism. It is possible that problems with motor function is the first important symptom of the disease. The sooner it is possible to identify autism in the child, the greater the chances for successful adaptation to social life, specialists say.

In another study it has been proven that autism is a genetic disease. Was able to identify about 400 genes, in varying degrees, responsible for the development of the disease. Just with autism may be linked to more than 2500 genes, scientists suggest.

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