Tablets from old age

Scientists from Durham University have found a way to slow the aging of individual cells, this discovery may help older people to stay healthier and live longer than children with a rare disorder that causes them to grow old before their time.

Substances to slow down the aging of cells of children with progeria Hutchinson-Gilford ( a rare genetic disease in which a huge number of DNA quickly grow old and die, as a consequence of this disease, the children quickly grow old and die at the age of eight years before the 21st century).

New drug N-acetyl cysteine slows down the aging process, ultimately based on it will be developed a method of treatment of progeria Hutchinson-Gilford or at least their quality of life will improve significantly.

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Last year Dr. Ronald Derino from Harvard University managed to bring back old mice young. In the beginning g of the experiment, skin, brain and other organs of rodents were equivalent in age to 80 years of a human being. Two months of using the drug in mice began to develop many new cells, their bodies almost refreshed. It is noteworthy that mice-males after this treatment cured of infertility from other females began to bring more mice.

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