Tablets against skin cancer

In production will soon be launched tablets against skin cancer, scientists have developed a drug that stops the development of the skin and heals burns.

An international team of scientists at Ohio University have discovered the mechanism of protection from the sun, animals, this breakthrough was made after 10 years of painstaking research.

Usually burns the most human cells can regenerate, but DNA damage often leads to cell death over time may also develop skin cancer. Experts have long identified a key enzyme in fish, insects and marsupial animals, which is involved in the restoration of the damage that the sun causes DNA.

Now scientists have created artificially enzyme photolyase, which carries out the repair of DNA, which apart from sunburn.

Harmful ultraviolet radiation interferes with the recovery of the cells and damages DNA, however, the animals have produced the enzyme photolyase, which absorbs the energy of visible light and removes harmful effects from the damaged area of the cells.

Scientists say that tablets operating on the principle of the animal enzyme, will soon be in production.

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