Tablet, printed on a 3D printer, ready to go to market

Experts from the American Management on control over foodstuff and medicines of the USA made a breakthrough in the field of pharmacology. Before officials approved the production of tablets using 3D printers. Reported by the BBC.

Earlier printers were allowed printing only medical devices and prostheses. The first "printed" medicine will cure epilepsy. Then in the course of going and other drugs from the company Aprecia Pharmaceuticals.

The technology of three-dimensional printing allows for a more tightly lay in the tablet the active substance. This ensures precise dosage of the drug. Technology ZipDose (compressed dose) reduces the size of the tablet if you must use large doses.

Having the drug and printer, scientists think, it will be possible to create pills individual dosages, to place in one necessary tool multiple drugs. This eliminates the need for large factories for the manufacture of tablets.

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