Tablet from laziness will heal potatoes

Researchers from the University of Zurich invented a revolutionary method in the treatment of obesity - they invented a pill that will increase the patient's motivation. These patients will make a person several times to try harder to achieve their goals, and therefore harder to work at the gym to burn fat, they will also increase willpower and patients will be able to refrain from unnecessary harmful tidbits.

Known in sports doping erythropoietin now will work for the benefit of people, scientists propose to issue based tablets, which will increase the activity, as well as willpower and motivation of people. However, it is suggested to not use erythropoietin in pure form, and its special form, which does not increase the number of red cells in the blood. Presumably the new medicine will also be able to fight the signs of Alzheimer's disease in older people.

The new tablet should activate the formation from stem cells of bone marrow red blood cells, which increases the concentration of oxygen in the blood, and thus, increases the stamina of the person.

To prove the effectiveness of such pills, researchers conducted the experiment compared three groups of mice - one was the control, the second was administered erythropoietin, and still others have been genetically modified and the body itself produced this substance. Compared with the first control group two the second group of mice showed the best athletic skills and endurance while running, though the level of blood cells were increased.

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"Tablets to increase motivation will not alone get rid of fat, but they will make visits to the gym attractive for those suffering from excess weight, and the desire to achieve results is unchanged," according to scientists from the Centre for integrative human physiology.

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