Tables for massage: the accounting requirements of ergonomics improves the quality procedures

Everyone knows that the main tool for the professional massage therapist is a massage table, but this object is not as simple as it seems at first glance, and sometimes not so easy to buy a product that will provide high quality results.

No matter preferred fixed or foldable table - it must be optimal for the client, and for the wizard. Typically, the width is in the range of 50 - 75 cm, because a narrower table recomforted for the patient, and a wide complicates the work of a specialist. If the product includes palm rest, this is certainly an additional "plus".

As for the length, then two opinions cannot be: two meters is the recognized standard, which allows you to cater to almost all clients. To unambiguously determine the height is difficult, so the best solution would be to purchase a massage table with adjustable, allowing you to modify this parameter in a wide range from 45 to 95 see Such a system can be both hydraulic and electric, and the change of positions is carried out easily by using the foot control.

What else can be tricky in these relatively simple devices as tables for massage? So can talk only one who didn't have to lie on the tables of the old structure, turning his head to the side and tried to relax. New products this caveat into account, the owner of the salon when buying equipment can only choose one of two options - headrest in combination with a stand for hands or fixture with a hole for the face. Generally, many people think is more preferable headrest, which can not only to lower and raise, but also to change its angle.

In addition, it is necessary to determine whether the massage table and single or composed of several sections, with wheels or without, and to personally verify, does not produce too much noise motor, if equipped model. As you can see, buying the massage table - it is not easy, and the final decision should be made on the basis of the analysis of the whole set of indicators.

But the equipment selected to meet the requirements of ergonomics, brings joy as the wizard from the awareness of the excellent work and customer who reaches the state of bliss and total relaxation. Well, for those who cannot find time in your busy schedule for a trip to a specialist, is to buy a massage chair that will help you to relieve the day's tension.

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