System organ donation detrimental to obesity

"About 22 percent and more of the former potential candidates for the days were excluded from the lists of donors of kidneys due to their excessive weight," says Mala Sachdeva employee Transplant center of long island.

Only 18 percent of the 104 probable donors, who was in the center in the period 2008-2011, had a normal body mass Index (25 and below), - the newspaper reports Discovery News.

The greater part was in the group that had overweight or suffering from obesity. 37 percent had an Index of 25 and 30, and the other had an Index of 30 and above. More than half of the centers of the drops from the accounts of the donors who have an Index of 35 and above, due to the greater probability of very serious complications.

Although the Centers of their donors are strongly advised to lose weight if they are still full of desire to donate any organ, but, alas, few people can easily part with their excess body weight.

For example, from 22 percent excluded donors only three of them, still managed to lose enough weight for the procedure for organ transplantation. These findings specialists make much worrying, because an acute shortage of donors every year becomes more acute, and the "epidemic" of obesity is increasingly captures in his "captivity" members of society.

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