Synthetic drugs treatment addiction

Recently in our country increasingly began to appear new drug substances for the production of which there is no need to use any plant materials. On an industrial scale they are able to produce even a tiny factory.

Such drugs legally cross borders of our country not only in the form of simple components, but also completely ready to use. Synthetic drugs sent by mail, distribute over the Internet. They advertise as legal powders or permitted Smoking blends. A dealer network for the sale of "salts" even managed a little push back from the market heroin.

It is very difficult to determine whether people synthetic drugs, chemical-physical characteristics which allow the drug to dispense syringe. Such drugs can absorbed into the bloodstream, getting on any mucous in the human body. They can sniff cocaine, Smoking, inserted into the vagina or rectum, dissolved in drinks. Synthetic drugs are substances without taste, colour, smell. Their current dose is 5 to 10 milligrams, which is ten times less than that of opiates and cannabioids.

The effect of a single dose of the drug can last up to three days. At this time, well surpasses the activity, the person has a sense of ease, their own power. He considers himself to be the possessor of superhuman abilities. When the drug effect ends, a drug addict, you receive the causeless fear, desire a fast run for the next dose.

The person who is "addicted" to such "salt", it is very difficult to return to life in society. When taking synthetic drugs suffers from attention, memory, disturbed sleep. After a few months after you start taking sintetico, a person completely stops working intellect disappears criticism, there is irritability and General confusion. He is no longer able to properly and adequately assess the situation.

The "salt" drug addicts reduced immunity, appear fungal stomatitis, rash that does not heal even minor scratches. Impaired reproductive activity in men and menstrual cycle in women.

Effective treatment from spice is possible only in special rehabilitation centers. "Salt" causes a continual desire to experience the thrill of omnipotence. Adequate state seems meaningless and grey. Be treated salt according to need much longer than from heroin. Not always justified hope for a complete cure and recovery of the person.

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