Symptoms, types and treatment of newborn Gallucci

One of the very common phenomena among newborn babies is baby stomach. Red-yellow pigment bilirubin (due to the destruction of hemoglobin accumulates in the blood and tissues. And if the number is high, the skin has a noticeable yellow tint that is called neonatal jaundice. Bilirubin in the normal health is not dangerous. However, excessive accumulation in the blood high probability of its falling into the brain, which can lead to severe CNS damage. Therefore, a child is placed in a special ward in the hospital where he will be up to the normalization condition.

Incompatibility of blood groups and rhesus factor of mother and baby.

Functional abnormalities in the liver.

The lack of development of the bile ducts.

The accumulation of red-yellow pigment stains the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes are yellow in color. Biochemical analysis of blood also changes, but the stool and urine retain normal color. Neither the liver nor spleen in sizes is not increased. Except for low activity and drowsiness, the status of children with jaundice can be called satisfactory.


The stomach of infants manifests itself in two ways. Pathological views arises as a consequence of frequent diseases in children, accompanied by the yellow color of the skin and mucous membranes, enlarged internal organs, discoloration of feces and dark color of urine. It requires compulsory medical intervention and hospitalization to the complete restoration of body functions.

Physiological jaundice short on time and are much more common. Disease it is not accepted, so how is it self after normalization of serum bilirubin.

In hospitals widely used method of phototherapy, in which the baby is placed under the lamp of the white and blue colors. Preterm infants undergo additional treatment in the hospital. The best medicine in physiological jaundice - milk mother nature has provided. Regular feeding washes the body of the baby, gives a laxative effect and helps to get rid of excess bilirubin quickly enough. That is why the early attachment of the baby to the breast so important.

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