Symptoms, types and treatment of leukemia

Disease leukemia is a common name for many diseases associated with formation of blood malignant cells. Emergence occurs when the mutation engine cells produced by the bone marrow, and the development of their cancer.

There are many symptoms, a finding which should immediately consult a doctor, because each of them means that blood is something wrong, and this can cause further development of leukemia. Consider these symptoms:

- frequent headaches.

- vysokotemperaturno for a long period of time.

- high propensity to bruises (possibly even their appearance you will observe no apparent reason).

- pain in the joints and bones.

- vospolenie swollen lymph nodes.

- enlargement of the spleen or liver.

- weakness and fatigue.

- lack of appetite.

- high susceptibility to diseases.

For treatment to be effective you need to establish the type of leukemia. Divide the disease can be based on the following criteria:

1.In the course of the disease:



2.The level of differentiation.




The following division is in accordance with cytogenet:

1.Acute leukemia:

-myeloblastic leukemia

acute monoblastic leukemia

acute erythromelalgia leukemia

acute lymphoblastic leukemia

-myelomonoblastic leukemia

-acute megacaryoblastic leukemia

-undifferentiated leukemia

2. Chronic leukemia:



Macrophage -

Regarding the availability of blast cells and the number of cells leukemias are divided into:






If the leukemia is chronic, then the goal of treatment as much as possible to delay the development of any complications. Type of acute leukemia requires immediate treatment. It implies different medicines, radiotherapy and sometimes prescribe immune suppression, which allows the body to be cleansed from malignant (cancerous) cells and after transplant in their place healthy (donor).

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