Symptoms that occur during stroke

Stroke is a disease that causes cessation of normal circulation of blood in the brain due to a blockage or rupture of blood vessels of the brain. In the brain tissue die off, and if in time not to seek help from a doctor, the consequences of stroke can be devastating: severe disability (paralysis or death.

In order to avoid serious consequences, it is important to know the basic symptoms of the disease. Because this knowledge will help in time to begin treatment and to identify a stroke at an early stage that will help to prevent irreversible consequences not only for themselves but also for their relatives.

The symptoms of a stroke is caused, so what does the disease itself.

There are two types of stroke:

Ischemic - is a blockage of a blood vessel that delivers blood to the brain.

Hemorrhagic - arises from the rupture of a blood vessel, resulting in brain hemorrhage and hematoma formation.

In ischemic stroke symptoms appear within 1-2 hours, and if there is embolism , and more quickly. The patient there is a strong weakness in the hand and the foot, resulting in numbness and accompanied by strong headache, dizziness, slurred speech, and seizures.

The symptoms manifested in the hemorrhagic stroke, occur abruptly and sharply. May cause confusion and loss of consciousness, as well as nausea and severe headache.

Regardless of the type of disease symptoms, which are due to the fact what part of the brain is affected and to what extent. With the defeat of the right part of the brain symptoms occur on the left side of the body and Vice versa. And depending on the volume of the lesions, the patient is suffering from depression of consciousness, which can lead to a coma.

Will excrete the main symptoms that characterize stroke:

- sudden loss of ability to move the arm, leg, especially on one side of the body, as well as numbness of the extremities, accompanied by a decrease in the sensitivity of the skin;

they lose the ability to gesticulate;

- severe headaches and nausea that occur for unknown reasons;

- sudden loss of vision;

- coordination infringed;

- difficulties with pronunciation or speech perception by ear;

- neurotic disorders (depression, lack of self-control).

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With these symptoms, especially in combination, the first thing to do is to call a doctor, because in the treatment of stroke is important qualified and timely help.

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