Symptoms of menopause can be managed with the help of breathing techniques

According to the symptoms of menopause can be reduced by 50% in the case of passing a therapy group with learning relaxation skills. These findings are contained in the work of the hospital staff at the University of linköping.

According to the researchers, 7 and 10 women suffer from menopausal symptoms. Every tenth tells about the continuing problems for 5 years or more. Good grades speak about hormone therapy, contributing to the increased concentration of estrogen. But there is reason to believe that hormones cause increased risk of cancer and vascular diseases.

This has caused scientists search alternatives. They were involved in women who took estrogen. Some of them were learning to relax, using cognitive behavioral therapy. In a separate experiment comparing how effective group therapy and its absence.

The meaning was to achieve a relaxation of the body through breathing techniques. Obligatory condition was the practice of the participants of the experiment at home. Their goal was to learn the technique of women, enabling to help themselves. The participants were carried out by filling in diaries and testing of saliva, assessing their condition.

So, thanks to the treatment decreased the number of tides from 9.1 to 4.4 per day. Saving effect was observed within three months upon completion of the course. In the control group such achievements are not identified. In addition, women showed improved memory, concentration, quality of sleep and reducing anxiety. And the selection of stress hormone remained at the same level.

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