Symptoms and treatment of umbilical hernia

Hernia is a condition in which the abdominal organs come under the skin over the damaged area in the walls of the abdominal muscles. Most often found abdominal hernia, for them to relate and umbilical hernia, in which the organs bulge in the area of the umbilical ring.

Umbilical hernia, age-periods share: for children and adults. The child she arises due to defects of the abdominal wall. In adults, mostly in women, it can occur after pregnancy, after child birth, the umbilical ring is weakened, which contributes to the risk of disease.

Causes of umbilical hernia

The causes of umbilical hernia in babies are defects in the development of the abdominal wall, as well as the increase in intra-abdominal pressure. The disease most often appears in girls first weeks of life.

In adults causes of umbilical hernia may be: excessive weight, coughing, scars, injuries of the abdomen and heavy physical activity. Education umbilical hernias in women mostly occur during pregnancy as a result of stretching the umbilical ring, as a result decreasing the resistance of the abdominal wall with increasing abdominal pressure.

Symptoms of umbilical hernia

Baby umbilical hernia usually are severe combined defect of the underdevelopment of the anterior abdominal wall, resulting in the death of a child within three days from the splitting of the sternum, the defect of the diaphragm, ectopia of the heart and bladder.

Symptom acquired (adult) umbilical hernia at an early stage can serve as a small protrusion in the area of the umbilical ring, without any pain syndromes. This hernia is easily vpravlyaetsya clicking on the protrusion.

Umbilical hernia can be impaired, leading to such symptoms as: sharp pain, nausea, blood in the stool, constipation.

Treatment of umbilical hernia

Often children hernias are treated with gymnastics and massage, aimed at strengthening the muscles of the abdominal wall. Also hernia stick with adhesive tape, but we must make sure that no irritation, as this can lead to widespread infection. To 3-5 years the child hernia is usually reduced and closed, otherwise the treatment is carried out in an ad hoc fashion

Surgery for umbilical hernia is most often assigned to adults, which is the cutting of the hernial SAC and return its contents into the abdominal cavity, and then performing the hernia gate.

When serious contraindications to surgery, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, the last stage of pregnancy) is a conservative treatment that is reduced to less physical activity and wearing a corset.

It is important to remember, the sooner you consult with an umbilical hernia to the doctor, the faster it will respond to treatment.

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