Symptoms and treatment of panic attacks

According to statistics, about 5% of people suffer from panic attacks. Under panic attacks involve unexplained anxiety attack, which is accompanied by somatic symptoms and painful fear. In most cases, this disease manifests itself in people with anxiety and doubtful personality type. That is why friends and family are such people should know the symptoms of this disease. Because these skills will help you help to calculate and subsequently get rid of panic attacks. Most often, this condition does not last more than half an hour and comes usually in the daytime.


• People who suffer from this disease, you may experience chills and tremors.

• During panic attacks are also observed tides cold or heat with excessive sweating.

• The loss of stability and dizziness.

• Panic attacks typical of vomiting and nausea.

• Unpleasant feeling of "coma" in the throat.

• The patient has the wild fear of death, insanity or loss of control.

• Tachycardia and severe pain in the breastbone also accompany panic attacks. These symptoms often lead the patient to believe that he has some heart disease.

• Also during this attack observed increase in blood pressure.

• The patient may lose consciousness.

• You may also receive a numbness of the feet and hands.

• Often at the end of a panic attack there is abundant urination.

After the first attack it is necessary to address to the doctor-the psychotherapist. After inspection, the technician selects a method of treatment of this disease - psychopharmacological or psychotherapeutic. Although the doctor can choose and combination therapy, which includes both of these ways.

Psychopharmacological treatment of panic attacks are treated with antidepressants. To use drugs should not less than 6 months. With this treatment drinking alcohol is not advisable.

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When psychotherapeutic treatment, the doctor together with the patient selects the desired method of treatment. This may be symptomatic therapy (removal of symptoms of panic attacks) or in-depth psychotherapy (eliminating the real causes of the development of panic attacks).

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