Swollen legs? Find the cause and solve the problem

Swelling of the feet - many people know this disease. Reasons for swollen and sore feet can be set. This high physical activity: a long standing, or walking. That is why, often the feet swell teachers, salespeople, doctors.

To cause swelling of the feet can have more serious causes include disorders of the cardiovascular system, kidney disease, or varicose veins. From edema often suffer from pregnant women. Also can cause swelling and prolonged sitting, especially the seat legs.

To get rid of swelling, it is necessary, first of all, find out the cause. If this is a serious internal disease, you need to treat it. If the swelling is the consequence of your lifestyle, then you need to follow a few rules of behavior to reduce swelling.

If you have a sedentary job, try to change position during the day. Every two hours, get up, walk around, do a simple exercise. During a break, take a walk, if you can spare the time.

If during the working day, you are constantly standing, it should, at least sometimes, to sit down and do some exercises on the bending of the legs.

Some preferred food, can cause edema. Do not eat salty food, it is better to limit yourself to salt. To do this, prepare meals without salt, add salt in ready meals on the table. Try to eat more vegetables and foods containing fiber.

Feet need to rest. Very well lie back, resting on one leg cushion. But, at the same time, you should not limit yourself in motion. Walk more, the muscles during the walk, will be beneficial to the health of the feet.

In the fight against swollen feet help and ointments on the basis of horse chestnut and heparin. Ointments act as a painkiller and prevent the formation of blood clots.

Cause swelling of the legs may be poorly chosen footwear. Refrain on the time from high heels, go for shoes on a small heel or no heel.

For removing excess fluid from the body you can drink herbal teas. Decoctions of the bark and leaves of the elderberry bring the liquid leg Wraps from steamed leaves provide relief for varicose.

Pumpkin juice and porridge - an indispensable tool with leg edema, disorders of the cardiovascular activity and kidney diseases.

The most famous remedy for swelling compresses are from cabbage leaves. Before you put a cabbage leaf, remove coarse veins and mash sheet.

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