Swiss scientists: racial discrimination is prevented

Swiss scientists conducted a very interesting study, during which they tried to identify intolerant to other races of people using MRI, which scanned the activity activity in the brain, the newspaper The Daily Mail.

The experiment was as follows: scientists from the University of Geneva showed participants pictures of people belonging to different races. Some of the volunteers was seen high activity in verminophobia gyrus of the brain that is responsible for the recognition of human faces. Activity in this area occurred in the case when the experiment participants were shown faces of the representatives of the Negroid race. Scientists interviewed people with similar activity in the brain, and found that, actually, these people are bigoted towards blacks.

At the request of one of the participants in the experiment psychologist Tobias Bosch, this discovery will enable a much better understanding of the causes of human behavior in society from the point of view of perception races. The scientist is convinced that with time they will be able to find a way to prevent discrimination on racial grounds.

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