Swiss scientists: breathing person has a unique

A group of Swiss scientists have developed a unique method of identification of a person without the use of traditional methods, such as fingerprint identification or eye retina. As it turned out, the exhaled air each person individual, and no two people with the same chemical composition breath. This fact formed the basis for the creation of new methods of identification.

According to the head of academic group Renato Zenobi, for testing breath created a special device with a tube. Received at the end of the breath analysis results contain full picture of the bacteria that are present in the lungs and stomach of a person. The device is able to distinguish one person from another, while not confusing them. In order to distinguish a specific person, in a database of the device should include a sample of his breath, previously created during the test measurements. After measuring the exhaled air, it has several sustainable components, present in the body. This allows you to continue to pursue the identification procedure.

This development can be successfully used in the medical field, because with its help, you can always identify the portability of a drug to a specific person. In this case, it is possible by determining the composition of the breath, and the presence of active elements. More detailed test results this product can be found on the pages of this journal, Chemical Communications, and its developers are going to continue its improvement and implementation in wide use.

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