Swine flu identified in Ukraine

Since the beginning of the season epidemics in Ukraine, the number of children under the age of 17 years who have colds or flu reached 1 586 882 person. Last December week flu and SARS ill 111 440 children, which is 65.8 percent of the total number of patients, the press service of Gossanepidemstantsii of Ukraine.

The total number of people who become ill from the beginning of the epidemiological season in Ukraine amounted to 2.3 million people. It should also be noted that the country was laboratory confirmed case of swine flu.

Doctors advise in such cases not to refuse admission as pandemic influenza, which is the influenza caused by the H1N1 virus, better treated in the hospital. In addition, this type of influenza may cause pneumonia, which, in turn, can lead to death - just to remember 2009, when pneumonia died dozens of Ukrainians, according to TSN. Doctors in those days were powerless to do anything.

After the population has survived the pandemic and panic three years ago, it still cannot distinguish between swine flu from the seasonal flu. The H1N1 virus affects mainly individuals under 50 years, and this category of people are used to carry such disease in the legs, and in this lies the danger of this disease. If the flu is transferred on his feet, and the person does not receive proper treatment, then on the fifth or sixth day of the swine flu turns into pneumonia, which can be treated with difficulty: it requires mechanical ventilation, resuscitation and shock doses of antibiotics.

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