Swine flu causes a sleep disorder

Scientists from Stanford University have found that infection of swine flu may cause a rare sleep disorder, earlier studies have blamed it antiviral vaccine.

After a global outbreak of swine flu in 2009, some 30 million people in Europe have received the vaccine for the H1N1 strain called Pandemrix. However, the vaccine's safety was questioned by health workers in Finland. All in all vaccinated with Pandemrix people were registered 335 cases of narcolepsy. Therefore, the European medicines Agency said that vaccination can take place only people over the age of 20 years if they are at risk of infection. The analysis of the Agency showed that seven out of 100,000 vaccinated adolescents developing narcolepsy.

However, the UK health does not consider the Agency's recommendations mandatory and does not restrict the use of the vaccine. Now the link between narcolepsy and vaccination questioned, daytime sleepiness, and loss of muscle strength may be caused by other reasons.

Scientists from Stanford believe that some people are genetically predisposed to narcolepsy and after effect of infection on the immune system it appears. According to their research 906 patients with sleep disorder, nor found the seasonality of this phenomenon - it was the most common in April and strongly reduced in November, long before the seasonal peak cold and H1N1 strain.

From the threefold increase in cases of narcolepsy in 2009, only 5 percent of patients said that was vaccinated against swine flu.

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