Swimming develops the child's intelligence

According to the results of the American and Australian scientists, early learning to swim not only improves health and the baby's immunity, but also stimulates the development of his motor skills, and math skills.

The staff of the Institute the Griffith Institute) investigated children from different countries (Australia, USA, New Zealand) for three years. They made observations related to the development of children. Participated in the training program swimming more than 7,000 children under the age of five.

Head of research Professor Robyn Jorgensen (Robyn Jorgensen) noticed that children who were taught to swim from an early age, overtake in the intellectual development of most of their peers, their mental abilities above the average norm. Children who can swim much better than their peers who have mastered such skills as drawing various shapes, cut appliqués, paper, better painted pictures showing the development of visual-motor skills. Better than their "land" peers, the kids decided arithmetic and grammar tasks, it was also more developed.

According to Jorgensen, the development of these skills will help children be more successful in school, to better adapt to the society, to be more self-confident.

Sex differences were not detected, swimming lessons equally stimulate mental abilities, both girls and boys.

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Employees of the Institute were compared and other indicators, for example, socio-economic status of parents. As shown by comparative studies, swimming lessons - has a stronger impact on the level of intellectual development than the financial situation of the family.

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