Swelling during pregnancy

Few in pregnancy did not suffer from edema. However, whether this phenomenon deviation? The opinion of the midwives here diverges. Abroad believe that the presence of edema deviation is not, but if they are accompanied by high blood pressure, protein in the urine, probably, this phenomenon is a deviation. In national medicine it is believed that swelling rather pathology than the norm and they need to fight. The most simple - reduce the intake of water and salt.

Signs of edema: swelling of the hands and feet, swollen eyelids, areas of edema, the skin paler, clicking on the estimated swelling remains fossa, which for a long time does not pass. But the most dangerous swelling - hidden swelling. This liquid accumulates between tissues and organs. To qualify this swelling can be a sharp increase in weight and body size. Additionally, you may spend a little experience, to compare the number of water consumed and released. The ratio should be almost the same.

Most often swelling occur with varicose veins, diseases of the kidneys or heart. Swelling varicose veins occur when the most harmless of all the existing types of edema. When these swelling treatment is not required. You just need to regularly take a horizontal view, and feet placed slightly above the position of the body. In addition to use cream-based horse chestnut or hazel.

If the cause of the swelling was the disease of the kidneys or heart, then you need comprehensive treatment. In this case, preparations need to choose no contraindications for taking during pregnancy.

Swelling, you should limit the use of water, salted, smoked, fried. However, if we are talking about edema, varicose veins, reduce the amount of consumed water is not necessary. To relieve edema in these patients it is recommended to use diuretic herbs and teas. Diuretic for edema can be vegetable and synthetic origin. To plant include the following herbs: birch leaves, rose hips, bearberry and other

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You can determine what type you have swelling. If they are found, for example, after noon and disappear after a rest, it probably is a physiological edema. These swellings occur on the legs after a long walk. However, if swelling appears in the morning, before the woman got up from the bed, it is pathological swelling.

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