Sweets help to quickly deal with the flu

To recover faster, you need to eat sweets. So say scientists Immunobiology from Yale University. They proved with bacterial and viral infections, the body needs a different diet.

Any respiratory disease accompanied by weakness, loss of appetite, apathy. Sick man it's hard to get there, however, portions of energy the body needs to be included in the fight against infectious agents.

Come to the aid of the energetically available products – sweets. Pure glucose is vitally necessary to the patient a living organism. This is indicated by the results of the experiment with mice that were infected with influenza or Listeria. When Listeria positive effect had a regular diet, the flu helped glucose, the researchers say.

Doctors recommend to feed sick people available for digestion of food. The fit and chicken broth, and sweet tea. Sufficient nourishing mix of warm milk with honey.

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