Sweets affect the human psyche - the scientists

Scientists have found: excessive consumption of sweets is reflected not only on the metabolic processes and the obesity with diabetes. All sugary foods increase the risk of depression and alter the body's response to stress, writes The Daily Mail.

An excess of fast carbs and fats provokes the development of diabetes type II, obesity, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. In the framework of the recent studies were able to prove the following: products with high fructose changed for the worse your body's response to stress. As a result of increased blood pressure, decreased immunity, symptoms of other diseases.

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Data were installed in the experiments with laboratory animals. The first group of rats received food with a high content of fructose, the second comply with the standard diet. After ten weeks in young rats eating "sweet" carbohydrates, researchers noted that the increased levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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