Sweeteners provoke the formation of tumors

Be attentive to the products you decide to replace the use of in everyday life sugar. Scientists from the Institute of Ramazzini in Bologna came to the conclusion that sugar substitutes can cause the development of cancer of various organs.

Conducting a series of experiments on rodents have helped scientists to determine that the use of artificial sweeteners leads to cancerous tumors, while steadily every year a growing number of products with sugar substitutes.

Study author Dr. Morando Soffritti utverjdaet that Sucralose cancer risk increases two times, especially it strikes at the uterus, ovaries and bladder.

In sucurose contains not just sucrose, but also molecules of chlorine, all used in an experiment this product mice was detected leukemia. After tests on similar sweeteners the result was similar, except substitutes cause liver enlargement.

Sweetener Acesulfame potassium from soft drinks, javacc and desserts also has a similar effect.

If you want to eliminate sugar from your body, it is best to refer to the dried fruit or honey, with its natural substitutes.

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