Sweet and flour is harmful for cancer patients, say scientists

Chocolate, pastries and bread may contribute to the progression of cancer. Note, not harmful products, and palm oil that manufacturers often use in the cooking process. This type of fat as it turned out, activates the protein CD36, contributing to the preservation of cancer cells in the body. About it writes edition The Daily Mail.

A group of scientists from the Research Institute of Barcelona found increased concentration of CD36 protein in patients with prevalent cancer of the oral cavity, skin, ovarian, bladder, lung, breast. Vegetable fats stimulate the production of this compound, which is confirmed by experiments with mice. In animals treated with a lot of palm oil, faster developing cancer.

The findings suggests that CD36 promotes the formation of metastases in the body. If the same protein to block the spread of cancer is slowed down by about 20%. It is possible that the discovery, made by scientists, will help in the development of new cancer treatments.

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