Swedish scientists have discovered a particularly dangerous strain of HIV

HIV is a dangerous disease. Virus-the agent affects the immune system, causing any trouble for a person can be fatal. Not rare cases of severe pneumonia or fungal infections of the gastrointestinal tract. To date, no funds that would be saved from this virus. Swedish scientists Lund University report that the situation is even more complex than previously thought.

On the eve of Swedish scientists reported that found a particularly dangerous strain of the HIV virus, called A3/02. The agent quickly spreads through the body. It requires twice less time to go to AIDS. The data were published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. Conventional HIV virus can be asymptomatic incubation form up to ten years. A new form follows the same path of development over a five-year period. The rapid proliferation leads to the reduction of all kinds of immunity, when the barrier function of the body tends to zero. Doctors remains to assign only restorative therapy.

Scientists report that the new virus is a hybrid of the two old strains that are prevalent in West Africa. Today, scientists are interested in the question about the extent A3/02 around the world. It is possible that the virus managed to leave Europe. Especially scientists fear of additional mutations of strain that may be more pathogenic and harmful to human health.

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